A Conscious Effort

A book by P Shaun Barbour

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Everyone knows that in order to get anything done, you have to set goals, right? 

But wait. What does it really mean to set a goal?

P. Shaun Barbour, PhD, believes that setting a goal actually takes some serious introspection, consideration, and hard work. In A Conscious Effort, his engaging and meaningful guide to bringing about true and lasting change in your life, he gives you the tools to actually succeed at setting goals—and then meeting them.

By dissecting desires and breaking them down into their components, Barbour helps readers get to the bedrock level of their motivations—the place from which to draw the strength and purpose needed to succeed.

For example, Barbour believes that it’s not enough to know that you want to look better; he believes that you also need to know what it means to you to “look better” and why that's what you want. Only then can you come up with a plan to achieve your specific objective.

 Wise, insightful, and highly readable, A Conscious Effort will equip you to figure out exactly who and what you want to become—and then empower you to become that very person.